Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MXF to AVI converter- easy way to convert mxf to avi

All topics  about .mxf, this article mainly discuss on how to convert mxf to avi on mac and windows, with it you can free convert mxf to avi (audio-video interleaved) , HD avi video with the resolution of 1920*1080, 1440*1080, 1280*720 and 960*540, mxf to 3D video
 Download MXF to AVI converter for Mac  Download MXF to AVI converter for Windows (shareware)
Guide on how to convert MXF to AVI (take 2D mxf to 3D avi, 3D mxf to 3D avi for example)
step 1: Free download mxf to avi converter from the above download link, choose the right version to download, and have it installed on your computer
step 2: Launch the software
mxf to avi
step 3: Click "add mxf " button, to batch add mxf to mxf to avi converter
step 4: Under profile: choose profile as ouput video format
step 5: Click convert mxf to avi button button to start convert mxf to avi

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